KITU Super Coffee

With Keto, I started to lose weight. 3 months into it and I was 40lbs down and feeling great. I realized that this was not just another diet, Keto is a lifestyle. I'll share what I have learned.
Jeff Litcofsky

Much Needed Boost

Sometimes in the middle of the day, I start feeling a bit less energy. Before Keto would reach for a sugary drink, some starchy carbs, or candy to get myself going again. The problem is obvious to me now, I rode the rollercoaster up to the top with an insulin spike and then crashed hard when it wore off leaving me in worse shape. So I started looking for a way to get that boost without carbs or the blood sugar false-energy spike. Then one day I found Super Coffee by KITU.

Health Benefits

Super Coffee is here to help make healthy easier. Whether kickstarting your morning or recharging after a workout, enjoy this delicious blend of coffee, protein, and MCT oil that will keep you energized without the “crash”.

  • 0g sugar
  • 80 calories
  • 10g protein

The Taste Test

I have always loved coffee but I was never a “coffee snob”. I would be just as happy with a Dunks regular decaf as I would with a finely crafted cappuccino at a posh coffee shop. Before Keto I would only do decaf but since caffeine does not bother my stomach anymore I sometimes opt for regular coffee now. What I like about Super Coffee is that it is convenient, Keto-friendly, MCT Oil enriched and the flavor is outstanding. Might be strong for some people but if you like the true coffee taste you will love this product. The Hazelnut is my favorite but I do like the Vanilla and Mocha as well. A bit pricey at just over $3 a drink but my local market has them on sale most weeks at around $2.50 per bottle.

My Final Thoughts & Rating: ★★★★

This is a great drink to have on hand for when you are feeling a bit sluggish. Also it really taste great. I give this product 4 out of 5 stars but only because of the high cost per bottle but I would definitely recommend you try it.

Super Coffee

Multiple Flavor Pack


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